Privacy Policy


To respect the privacy of every member, the scheme has adopted a Data Protection and Privacy Policy to prevent unauthorized disclosure, modification and withholding of information provided to the scheme by its members.


Types of information we collect

This shall ensure that information collected from members are kept solely for the purposes of providing services under the scheme, updating the membership records of the members and informing members about changes in operations of the scheme, new benefits, policies and directives. Please ensure that you only provide us with sensitive personal information, such as health information, about other people with their agreement.


Use of Information

The scheme would not change, modify, amend or alter any information provided to it by the members without prior notice. The information that you are requested to provide to the scheme may be transmitted within the scheme and to providers sites, and would not be transferred to any other person or body unless the scheme is under legal prerogative to do so. By providing the scheme with your contact details, the scheme may use one or a combination of the media to contact you.


Data protection

The international privacy and data protection standards will govern the development and deployment of products and services under the scheme. These standards, which offer detailed guidance on customer notification and consent procedures, will help make sure data security features are sufficient, maintain data integrity, and provide user access and controls. The scheme's Information Technology has in-built features to help ensure data security and user privacy.


Contact information

The scheme is responsible for the handling of members’ personal information and would like to assure its members that it will abide strictly with international privacy and data protection standards.



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